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Sample headless configuration (Buckminster)

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Who should read this Example?

This example is a detailed description of how to install Buckminster features in a minimal Buckminster Headless. In order to benefit from this example, you must first have looked at what the headless stuff is all about. To see all the headless related articles go.

Goal of Example

The ultimate goal for this description is to install the rest of Buckminster in a headless configuration, specifically in order to install Buckminster commands beyond the basic ones. But, to do this, a number of dependencies must be fulfilled first.

The dependencies are on other features (and their plugins). These features can be downloaded from update sites (or actually, from other 'things' that are usable as 'sites'). All dependencies shown here are fulfilled by the buckminster update site.

Using the update mechanisms

There are three commands available: listsite, install and uninstall. Actually, there is also a command (currently hidden) that may be of use during configuration: dumpinfo. This command is generally for support reasons and will dump various information including features and plugins installed.

Using listsite is very simple - just provide it with a path or URL and it will list any features it finds there. Sample:

buckminster listsite http://download.eclipse.org/technology/buckminster/updates/headless-site.xml

  org.eclipse.buckminster.core.headless.feature_0.1.0.v20070427 (Buckminster - Core Headless (Incubation))
  org.eclipse.buckminster.cvs.headless.feature_0.1.0.v20070413 (Buckminster - CVS support for headless operation (Incubation))
  org.eclipse.buckminster.maven.feature_0.1.0.v20070427 (org.eclipse.buckminster.maven.feature_0.1.0.v20070427)
    only the reference was found. Unable to locate the actual feature
  org.eclipse.buckminster.p4.headless.feature_0.1.0.v20070413 (Buckminster - Perforce support for headless operation (Incubation))
  org.eclipse.buckminster.pde.headless.feature_0.1.0.v20070427-r32x (Buckminster - PDE support for headless operation (Incubation))
  org.eclipse.buckminster.svn.headless.feature_0.1.0.v20070413 (Buckminster - Subversion support for headless operation (Incubation))

Note that it works just as well for the product itself:

buckminster.exe listsite C:\buckminster
    org.eclipse.buckminster.product_0.1.0.v20070413-r32x (Buckminster Product (Incubation))

In fact, if listsite is given without arguments, it will list the local site, i.e. the product itself:

buckminster listsite
    org.eclipse.buckminster.product_0.1.0.v20070413-r32x (Buckminster Product (Incubation))

Commands for install/uninstall are very similar: for install, point to a site and a feature you wish to install (and an optional version of it if there are multiple, default is to take the latest). For uninstall, just give the feature name and optional version.

Installing required features

First off, we need to install the Buckminster core feature:

buckminster install http://download.eclipse.org/technology/buckminster/updates/headless-site.xml org.eclipse.buckminster.core.headless.feature

The Buckminster tests are stored in a CVS repository, the RMAP it uses will reference a Maven repository, and the assembly builder will use Ant so we need to endow our buckminster with providers for those: buckminster -data /temp/bar resolve http://www.eclipse.org/buckminster/samples/queries/build_a.cquery Using workspace at file:/C:/Temp/bar/... [start buckminster.test.build_a#buckminster.prebind] [ant] Buildfile: C:\Temp\bar\buckminster.test.build_a\assembly_buckminster.ant [ant] [ant] assembly: [ant] Entrypoint: ASSEMBLY [ant] Created dir: C:\Temp\bar\buckminster.test.build_a\assembled [end buckminster.test.build_a#buckminster.prebind]

START: Normal (Ant Builder) - buckminster.test.build_a

[ant] Buildfile: C:\Temp\bar\buckminster.test.build_a\normal_buckminster.ant [ant] [ant] full: [ant] Entrypoint: FULL [ant] [ant] build: [ant] [ant] Property for component is: 'buckminster.test.build_a' [ant] Property for kind is: 'FULL' [ant] [ant] Copying 1 file to C:\Temp\bar\buckminster.test.build_a\derived

END: Normal (Ant Builder) - buckminster.test.build_a

START: Normal (Ant Builder) - buckminster.test.build_b

[ant] Buildfile: C:\Temp\bar\buckminster.test.build_b\buckminster.ant [ant] [ant] full: [ant] Entrypoint: FULL [ant] [ant] build: [ant] [ant] Property for component is: 'buckminster.test.build_b' [ant] Property for kind is: 'FULL' [ant] [ant] Copying 1 file to C:\Temp\bar\buckminster.test.build_b\derived

END: Normal (Ant Builder) - buckminster.test.build_b

START: Normal (Ant Builder) - buckminster.test.build_c

[ant] Buildfile: C:\Temp\bar\buckminster.test.build_c\buckminster.ant [ant] [ant] full: [ant] Entrypoint: FULL [ant] [ant] build: [ant] [ant] Property for component is: 'buckminster.test.build_c' [ant] Property for kind is: 'FULL' [ant] [ant] Copying 1 file to C:\Temp\bar\buckminster.test.build_c\derived

END: Normal (Ant Builder) - buckminster.test.build_c

START: Normal (Ant Builder) - buckminster.test.build_d

[ant] Buildfile: C:\Temp\bar\buckminster.test.build_d\buckminster.ant [ant] [ant] full: [ant] Entrypoint: FULL [ant] [ant] build: [ant] [ant] Property for component is: 'buckminster.test.build_d' [ant] Property for kind is: 'FULL' [ant] [ant] Copying 1 file to C:\Temp\bar\buckminster.test.build_d\derived

END: Normal (Ant Builder) - buckminster.test.build_d

Query complete. </pre>