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This page contains blue sky thinking about the kind of things we would like to see in SWT's immediate future. This is a place to collect ideas - it does not represent a commitment to implement the ideas.


Windows 8 will ship with major changes to the Narrator application, making it a full-blown screen reader. It most certainly will not be supporting IA2... therefore we need to support UIA on Windows in all of our accessibility API.

Image Loading

Use the platform for all image loading. This involves using platform streams as well as platform image loading APIs, and we need to support multi-image files. These APIs have advanced significantly since we first began image loading. The ultimate goal would be to shed all of the image loading java code, however this may not be possible.

Enable Advanced Image Manipulation and Graphics

Determine what is required to enable seamless use of AWT and JAI image manipulation APIs and Sun Graphics2D API. This may involve supporting performant conversion of SWT to AWT images. This does NOT involve reimplementing any AWT/Graphics2D/JAI APIs.

Enable SWT and JavaFX Interoperability

Collaborate with the JavaFX developers to ensure that SWT and JavaFX interoperate as seamlessly as possible. This includes controls, images, graphics, events, layouts, etc.