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* Make SWT/Qt ready for usage in RCP apps. (See
* Make SWT/Qt ready for usage in RCP apps. (See
== Browser ==
* Webkit for Windows

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This page contains blue sky thinking about the kind of things we would like to see in SWT's immediate future. This is a place to collect ideas - it does not represent a commitment to implement the ideas.

Theme Drawing API

  • Provide an API to draw operating system themed controls and parts of controls.
    • Partially implemented already. May need to expand or implement on remaining platforms.

Native Controls

  • Add more native controls to SWT such as Header and HeaderItem
  • Native tool bar support for the Mac
  • Single MenuBar per Display support for Mac
  • 'Source list' mode for Trees in Cocoa (like iTunes or
  • Investigate custom draw for controls other than tables and trees.
  • Gesture/touch event support for Windows 7 and Mac OS X
  • Use native DateTime dropdown control on Cocoa
  • Animation and effects API (something like CoreAnimation or Windows Animation Manager)


  • Add new API to give more control to the way images are saved, i.e. jpeg quality, dpi, etc.
  • Add new API to allow storing an image in parts (tiles) for faster rendering of very large images.
  • Support writing multi-page TIFF to allow tiled images to be stored as tiles.
  • Ensure that any image can be saved in any format on any platform.


  • Add new API to handle more printer options.


  • Investigate performance improvements on all platforms.
  • Investigate lightweight monitoring and tracing tool [1] to find slow code and problem areas in big applications.

E4 / Eclipse Web

  • Investigate SWT in a Browser
    • investigate SproutCore as a platform
    • investigate and/or implement a JCL (Java Class Library) for the browser
    • implement API to resolve desktop and web (, async image loading ...)
    • implement API to animate layouts
    • implement API for async dialogs



  • Webkit for Windows

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