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* [[STP]] project with links for how to use their SVN repository
* [[STP]] project with links for how to use their SVN repository
* SVN book: http://svnbook.red-bean.com/
* SVN book: http://svnbook.red-bean.com/
* [[Modeling Releng/SVN Support]]
[[Category:How to Contribute]]
[[Category:How to Contribute]]

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There are several ways to get the source for the Eclipse projects. Most developers are actually developing their own plug-ins and are interested in browsing the Eclipse source and using it during debugging. For this, you can either browse the SVN repository online or use the source included in the Eclipse SDK download. The download contains source zips which can be attached to jars in the SDK's Java tooling and used for browsing and debugging.

Anonymous SVN

Anonymous SVN is available via http or by using the svnserve protocol:

ViewSVN Web access for browsing

ViewSVN web access for browsing is available through this link:

Committer access to SVN

Developers with commit rights have individual user ids and passwords in the Eclipse project development repository. As a committer you can use SSH (Secure SHell) to connect to the SVN repository using a subversion plugin or via the command line. Committers can use svn+ssh or https:

SVN Repository Paths

Use the following repository paths to connect to the Eclipse projects:

/svnroot/technology Technology Project
/svnroot/stp STP Project (with svn+shh:// protocol)
/svnroot/dsdp DSDP Project

Below the repository root of the top-level projects, there are the repository roots for individual subprojects. Each subproject should be using the "trunk/" "tags/" "branches/" substructure by convention.

Accessing SVN from Eclipse

The Subversive SVN team provider is the preferred way for accessing SVN from Eclipse.

Current SVN server version

The SVN server version is shown in the footer line when accessing any part of the repository, e.g. http://dev.eclipse.org/svnroot/stp/trunk/

At the time of writing, it is version 1.4.0 (r21228).

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