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STP Website Development

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There are a few very useful documents collected on the Eclipse web site that you will need to read before getting started. These docs outline the habits that you should develop and the tools that you need to get going.

Note: the cvs repository is at {{{/cvsroot/org.eclipse}}} on {{{dev.eclipse.org}}}, you need a {{{dev.eclipse.org}}} login to get to it. You will need to check out the modules:

* www/stp
* www/eclipse.org-common
* www/projects/common (note, make sure that you check out that project under the location <workspace>/projects/common and not <workspace>/common which will be the location suggested by the checkout wizard by default)

Instructions on how to do development there:

* Setting up tools (PDF link):  This document is quite out of date but you will still find most of the info you will need. That said there are a few corrections to make:
 * The PHP tool is compatible with 3.2M6 so you can stick to it
 * The download URL for XAMPP has changed. Make a quick search for it on the web (a bit slow) or look on Oisin's FTP server as i think he got copy of the installer.
 * When setting up apache, in the httpd.cong file, set both the DocumentRoot and Directory variables to the root location of your eclipse workspace
* How Do I?
* Authoring using Phoenix - the new look
* Accessing databases from PHP
* The Webmaster FAQ - essential reading!