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(docs need to be updated)
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== docs ==
== docs ==
=== docs need to be updated ===
=== Docs need to be updated ===
Documents that need updating are covered in the bug list.
=== docs to be written ===
=== docs to be written ===

Revision as of 06:14, 9 December 2007


Adrian Skehill:STP Usability Week


By the end of usability week, STP should have:

  • Clear concise instructions on how to download and install the STP, and download page for the last fall release
  • And End to End tutorial outlining how to use the STP to create a simple service
  • Any major gotchas ironed out from code


Bugs for Usability Week

Bug Description
136552 SOAS subproject page has no content
161733 Improve documentation in deployment exsd
161748 Add documentation to org.eclipse.stp.soas.deploy.core.ui.configuration package
161749 IPackgeConfiguration.validate() method is unused
189995 Cosmetic issues with WsdlFirstWizard
200249 webservis parameters' wrapper classes generated into wrong folder when using non standard source folder
209448 Support adding JAX-WS Facet to EJB or Servlet project
173299 redraw issue when scrolling a swimlane
207291 B2J tutorial sample files are out of date
196500 SOA discovery mechanism - add http-based discovery
212197 xefgui:widget read_only mode not working
200641 Referenced Libraries should be divided into two parts: JAXWS Libraries and JRE System Libraries
193916 Annotation Validator preference page has some errors.
204116 Product end to end example for SCA
136559 About pages need look overhaul
136561 Development pages need look overhaul
138155 Refresh the STP Core documentation available on the website
155506 broken links...
200928 Produce Skeletal proposal on the STP Web Site Structure
201720 Discuss what needs to be done with STP Core with PMC
210629 some broken links and more documents needed
164801 usability:annotation wizards should gets activated when a .java file is selected
211712 provide cheatsheet for jax-ws function
197735 rename 'Logical Package' to 'Service Descriptor'
199822 support jdk6.0
211419 should provide example project for jax-ws function
197436 what is fixed link in stp build report doesn't work


Docs need to be updated

Documents that need updating are covered in the bug list.

docs to be written

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