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=== Demo movie ===
=== Demo movie ===
Coming soon!
[http://download.eclipse.org/stp/documents/0.7.0/stp_servicecreation0.7.htm Flash movie shows how to create, deploy and debug a JAX-WS web service]
=== Introduction on developerworks website===
=== Introduction on developerworks website===
Coming soon!
Coming soon!

Revision as of 02:02, 20 September 2007

This wiki page is used to explain how to install and use the STP Service Creation for Eclipse Europa Fall maintenance release.

(Last updated on Sep 18th, 2007)

Where to get stp

Install from Eclipse Europa Fall Maintenance site

Download from stp website

The latest stp build can be downloaded from here

Setup STP

Plugins required from other Eclipse projects

*javax.wsdl 1.5.1

3rd-party plugins

Please download JSR API plugins from open.iona.com.

It contains: javax.jws, javax.xml.bind, javax.xml.ws, org.osoa.sca plugins. We have filled Eclipse IPZilla for those APIs, and will add them to Orbit once passed the review.

Pre-requisites SOA runtime

setup Tomcat shared lib

In order to deploy JAX-WS service to Tomcat container, please copy all jars under ${apache_cxf_install}/libs and ${apache_cxf_install}/modules into ${tomcat_install}/shared/lib

Run it

Set Eclipse JVM to JDK1.5, CXF does not support JDK1.6

Demo movie

Flash movie shows how to create, deploy and debug a JAX-WS web service

Introduction on developerworks website

Coming soon!