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STP Presentation at Eclipse Summit 2007

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Hi All,

The STP has a one hour slot on Thursday October 11th at Eclipse Summit [1] to give an overview of the STP. I'll be presenting the session and it would be great to see some of you there at the conference.

In terms of the content, we have an hour and that's a nice length of time. So I was thinking of breaking it down something as follows:

* 10 mins on STP overview, sub projects, achievements in the last 12 months
* 15 mins presentation on each of the sub projects, an overview of where they 
are now, and what's in the pipeline. Each sub-project lead, please drop me a 
line to get your content in! 
* 20 mins for a demo. Ideally I'd like to show some of the integration efforts 
that we have under way, but I'm not sure what we will have in place for then. 
From my point of view I'd like to talk around the SC / SOAS pieces but I 
would certainly love to highlight the BPMN / BPEL / B2J pieces. Would anybody 
like to help me out here with some content?
* 15 mins looking forward, wrap up / Q&A session

Does this sound reasonable? If not, please let me know. I'll put this topic on the agenda for tomorrows meeting if you'd like to discuss it there.

Regards, Adrian.

[1] http://eclipsesummit.org/summiteurope2007/