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Eclipse SOA Tools Frequent Asked Questions

This list of frequently asked questions should be your first resort when you have any queries about the SOA Tools Platform project. If you have identified a FAQ that is not in this list, please add it to the list. You will need a bugzilla user id in order to edit the page.

Looking for FAQ's related to the development of STP? See the Committer FAQ.

Last updated by Johnson Ma at Dec21, 2007

How to install STP?

There are two ways to install STP:

How to report bugs?

and report bug here

Where to ask question and get help

Please post your questions and suggestions to STP newsgroup. You will get quick response from developers and other users. The newsgroup archive can be found here

Where to get stp source code

Please read the SVN Repository

If I want to integrate my ESB runtime with STP, do I have to change it so that it can natively accept the artifacts defined in the STP Assembly Model?

No. Since STP is a framework you can construct extensions to the packaging and deployment facilities offered by STP. Your extensions will do the work of making sure that the STP Assembly and your runtime can work together.

Can I mention my project/product that uses STP technology on the STP website?

You can - please visit the STP Adopters Page to see our adopters and our adopter website policy.

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