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STP All In One Package

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All-in-One package

We created a all-in-one package to let user try to stp functions. You can download the STP all in one package from here:stp_all_in_one04092007.zip

Just copy all plugins from that package to your clean eclipse3.2 installation.

Please notice:

* The all-in-one package works on eclipse3.2. 
* Please set the java compiler to jdk 1.5 in preference page (1.4 and 1.6 are not supported)
* Need to install CXF runtime to test the JAX-WS functions.
* The tutorial has been tested with Tomcat 5.5
* The all-in-one package was created on 2007-04-09 snapshot version of STP.

Three known issues for the all-in-one package:

* Can't set the JAX-WS runtime directory and soap12 binding from project's properties. But set from Preference page  works fine.
* The Document/Lit/Bare doesn't work. This is caused by a bug in Apache CXF runtime.
So If you are following Tyler's article, please give @SoapBinding(Document/Literal/Wrapped) annotation on web service class.
* The HTTP/REST style client has problem, will give HTTP 500 error in the runtime. But the standalone client run from Eclipse works fine.
* The url for Tomcat should be something like http://localhost:8080/MyCalc/services/MyCalc?wsdl
  That is different from Tyler's Tutorial (because the all-in-one was created after the tutorail, so there are some changes).