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STP Telephone Conference

STP Telephone conferences are hosted by [DTMS GmbH], to participate you just need to dial +491805-600610. When you hear the announcement, press 3 to join a conference and then enter the pin 578357.

Every other Friday 9:00 GMT/ 10:00 CET

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Meeting Agendas and Minutes

First meeting, agenda is posted below. Up until the date of the meeting, feel free to add items to the table for discussion.

STP/MeetingArchive2007 STP/MeetingArchive2008

Meeting Date & Agenda Minutes
STP Agenda for January 3rd 2008 Minutes
STP Agenda for January 10th 2008 Minutes
STP Agenda for January 24th 2008 Minutes

IRC Details

irc.freenode.net:6667 #eclipse-stp