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STP/IM Component/Discussion on STP IM and JWT


STP Intermediate Model (STP-IM) is a "bridge" between STP editors and its elements have the role of conceptual transport between different development spaces with the purpose of capturing as much common SOA design information as possible. STP-IM defines a metamodel whose elements and structure fulfil this unification, or transport role.

Similarly, the Java Workflow Tooling project defines, as part of its mission to unify different workflow definition languages, a metamodel. This metamodel provides a consistent and complete set of elements to respond to the needs of a generic workflow editor and engine while at the same time covering most current workflow languages and standards.

Given the similarities in the needs and purposes of STP-IM and JWT, discussions have been initiated with the aim to improve communication, sharing and collaboration between the two projects. This page is intended as a living space where information on the status of this collaboration is kept up to date.

Collaboration Scope

Discussion Threads

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