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STP/Build Component/Dependencies

STP depends on a whole load of other projects! Here are the 3.4M7 dependencies that you will need to construct the 'platform' upon which you can build and use STP project technologies. All of the links below go through to the mirror mechanisms for large Eclipse downloads and they also point to the runtime versions of the projects, not the SDKs.

WTP 3.0M7
EMF 2.4.0M7
EMF-XSD 2.4.0M7
EMF Query 1.2.0M7
EMF Transaction 1.2.0M7
EMF Validation 1.2.0M7
OCL 1.2.0M7
JET 0.9.0M7
GMF 2.1.0M7
GEF 3.4.0M7 (this is an SDK)

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