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STP/Build Component/Build 101

The Eclipse build infrastructure on build.eclipse.org can be used for builds, but you must request shell access | through the portal. This is to reduce the possibility of account hijacking and attendant difficulties.

For Shell Access Users

STP uses Buckminster to do builds on the Eclipse infrastructure (a.k.a. build.eclipse.org. To do this build, you first need an account at Eclipse, which means you must be a committer on the project.

  • Log on to build.eclipse.org
  • Make a build directory in your home dir, call it stpbuild
  • cd stpbuild
  • Check out the build system - svn co http://dev.eclipse.org/svnroot/stp/build/trunk/buckminster buckminster
  • cd buckminster
  • ant -Dbase.directory=`pwd`/mybuild build will build everything
  • ant -Dbase.directory=`pwd`/mybuild stp.build.site will build the archived update site

You will be told by the Ant script where the update site has been stored. Copy the zip file (which contains the archived site) to the directory ~/downloads/updates/committers/name and unzip it. Once there has been an infrastructure synch (can take a considerable amount of minutes), you will see an update site available at http://downloads.eclipse.org/stp/downloads/updates/committers/name.

For Normal Humans

coming soon