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STP/Build Component

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The Build repository is a separate codebase which includes all of the bits and pieces that we use to run our builds, make update sites, and all that good stuff. The build materials are managed collectively by the committers to the various components of STP - we're not lucky enough to have a dedicated build team.

If Buckminster build systems are something you like, and you think our build could be improved then we really welcome any patches or ideas you may have. Take a look at the open Build bugs for inspiration!

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Where's the Source?

STP uses SVN, and is a multi-repository project, with one repository for each sub-project or component. Individual components can be built (in most cases) independently, but sometimes cross-dependencies exist, and of course a full roll-up build implies access to all the relevant repositories.

SVN repositories can be access through the HTTP protocol, for anonymous read-only checkouts, and the SVN+SSH protocol, for committer checkouts. Here are the repository locations.

How Do I Build?

Once you've checked out the relevant project(s) from SVN in the IDE, the IDE will build it for you, saving all that tedious mucking about with the command line. But if you would like to be able to build it headless then there are a couple of options. If you have shell access to the build infrastructure you can build it there with a minimum of hassle. Note that shell access is only given to committer that have specific responsibilities for builds. If you want to build it on your local machine, you will need to first construct what we call the platform, which is an Eclipse installation with all of the dependencies in place, installed as features and plugins. The dependencies will change version from milestone to milestone as we head for a roll-up build in the mid-year big-bang release.

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