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Step Zero: Build Infrastructure Access

Before you can do anything on the Eclipse Foundation infrastructure, you need to have been granted ssh access to This is something that you need to apply for and which must be okayed by the project PMC. It's not something that is given out lightly by the foundation, and is usually reserved for those who have explicit build responsibilities. If you think you need this kind of access, mail the PMC with your reasons.

Step One: Check Your Environment

To do the build, you will need to have the correct shell PATH set up. It's easiest to just edit your .bashrc file in your home directory and add the right paths:

export ANT_HOME=/shared/stp/apps/apache-ant-1.7.1 export JAVA_HOME=/shared/stp/apps/ibm-java2-sdk-5.0-6.0-linux-ppc export RUBY_HOME=/shared/common/ruby-1.8.7 export PATH=${ANT_HOME}/bin:${RUBY_HOME}/bin:${JAVA_HOME}/bin:$PATH

Then incant source ~/.bashrc and you will be ready to go.

Step Two: Check you have a Platform

The platforms for the build live in the shared directory /shared/stp/platforms. These get made coming up to a milestone release and are composed of all the dependencies of the project(s), expanded out to what is effectively an Eclipse installation. You can see a list of the dependencies here.

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