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=== Copy/Paste ===
=== Copy/Paste ===
Fixed but need to be tested in depth.
Corrupts the object model when copying objects with links. Bugzilla number:169863
=== Preferences ===
=== Preferences ===

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The BPMN modeler is built with the rest of STP starting on the 5th of December 2006. None of those builds have been published yet so no update site with the modeler is available.

You need to download the bpmn feature from a recent integration build: STP Integration build page, unzip it along an elipse installation and the GMF dependencies. This will install the modeler.

BPMN shapes

All shapes and connections are implemented. Lanes and Group support is work in progress. Add-hoc and compensation markers not implemented.


Framework is in place. Connection rules are implemented. Other rules are not implemented.

Domain Model

Stable. Current objects and APIs are not expected to change.

BPMN properties

Not implemented as part of the core modeler. They can be supported as annotations of the domain model. Annotations are displayed in the properties view.

Reusing the modeler


Sequence and Messaging edges are using custom routers and connection anchors. Currently only the fastest route algorithm is well supported. Bugzilla number: (when bugzilla is back).




All shapes can have their default background color customized. All connections can have their routing style customized. More preferences to come.


To be written.