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* [[STP/Orbit Queue]]
* [[STP/Orbit Queue]]
* [[STP/GUILookAndFeelIntegrationProposal]]
* [[STP/GUILookAndFeelIntegrationProposal]]
* [[STP/EntryPointComponent]]
== STP Post-Europa - Plans and Contributions ==
== STP Post-Europa - Plans and Contributions ==

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Welcome to the SOA Tools Platform (STP) Wiki! This collaborative workspace is here for us to thrash out ideas and concepts before putting the crystallized results on the STP website. Think of this as the conversation place, and the website as the group memory :-)

STP News

  • STP now accessed via subversion(SVN), the old CVS repository has been locked, and only allow browsing, all new code has been commit to SVN
  Anonymous access: http://dev.eclipse.org/svnroot/stp/trunk or svn://dev.eclipse.org/svnroot/stp/trunk
  Committer access: svn+ssh://dev.eclipse.org/svnroot/stp/trunk
  Browsing: http://dev.eclipse.org/viewsvn/index.cgi/?root=STP_SVN
  SVN HowTo: http://wiki.eclipse.org/SVN_Howto
  SVN book: http://svnbook.red-bean.com/

STP Post-Europa - Plans and Contributions

STP in Europa

STP will be part of the Europa build in June 2007. These pages catalog various issues and progress to that end.

General Materials

STP Sub-project specific pages

Mailing Lists


STP Home Page