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{{message|The STP Project is being terminated. Most of the projects have been moved to [ SOA]. Please see [[STP/Termination Review]].}}
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*'''[[Helping Out (STP)|SOA Tools contributions]]''' - become a member of the SOA Tools family!
*'''[[Helping Out (STP)|SOA Tools contributions]]''' - become a member of the SOA Tools family!
*'''[[STP/Developers | Developers]]'''  - information for STP developers
*'''[[STP/Developers | Developers]]'''  - information for STP developers
*'''[[STP/Meetings | Meetings]]''' - information about STP Telco/Meetings, meeting minutes.

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The STP Project is being terminated. Most of the projects have been moved to SOA. Please see STP/Termination Review.

Welcome to our Wiki. This is the Wiki home page for the SOA Tools Platform project, a top-level Eclipse project.

SOA Tools is composed of a number of sub-projects and components that have their own development lives. One thing they all have in common is that they are directed at helping people solve some of the challenges of Service-Oriented Architecture development.

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SOA Tools Latest News

  • Galileo build STP 2.0.0M6 is available on the download page
  • Work is ongoing for the EclipseCon 2009 combined tutorial -- see you in Santa Clara

Getting Started


  • Download the latest release, stable and committer builds at the downloads page.
  • Want to know more about where the source code lives and how to build it? Go directly to the Build Component wiki page.

Getting Involved

News, Articles & Events



  • BPEL 2 Java Component -- this component implements a BPEL 2.0-compliant BPEL to Java compiler. Use this when you want to run a BPEL process, but you don't want to run a general-purpose BPEL engine.
  • Enterprise Integration Designer (EID) Component -- create Enterprise Integration Pattern diagrams, then generate configuration code for a number of popular Open Source middleware projects.
  • Intermediate Model Component -- model your services and processes with a canonical EMF model and use it as a representation of your architecture. You can also create the model from existing modeling technologies like SCA or BPMN and then transform it to other technologies.
  • Policy Component -- sick of looking at WS-Policy XML files with your bare eyes? This component makes it easy to create compliant policy documents using a schema-driven forms based XML editor and a graphical Policy Expression editor.
  • Build Component -- how do we build all this stuff? Where does all the source code live? This component holds all the magic incantations you need and instructions necessary to build STP as individual projects or as a whole.

Contact Us

Other Items

  • The Archive - visit the dark and musty stacks of STP wiki history.

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