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STEM National Language Support

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Supported Languages

With Release V1.2.1 STEM now has National Language Support (NLS).

As of 7/28/2011 The following Language Translations have been implemented:

  • Chinese (Simplified)
  • German
  • Korean

If you download the STEM Application and your computer is configured for one of these supported languages you should see STEM in your native language. If your machine is configured to a language for which we have not yet released the required NLS property files, the STEM user interface will default to English.

We have several other translations in progress and in the very near future will be releasing NLS translations for:

  • Spanish
  • Swedish

As an open source project, these translations were done voluntarily by native language speakers contributing to STEM. If you would like to volunteer to contribute additional translations please contact the developers. Please note that we have created NLS property files for many more languages using automated translation services but these services are not accurate enough and we need native language speakers to edit and correct them.

Language Configuration For Developers