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(Create Model Project and Initial Disease Model)
(Create Model Project and Initial Disease Model)
Line 14: Line 14:
#* Package Name:  '''Demo'''
#* Package Name:  '''Demo'''
#* Package Prefix:  '''com.example.diseasemodels'''
#* Package Prefix:  '''com.example.diseasemodels'''
#Click ''' Add Model ''' to configure the disease model
#Click ''' Add Model ''' to add the disease model
#In the ''' Model Properties''' page:
#In the ''' Model Properties''' page:
#* Model Name:  '''MySEIR'''
#* Model Name:  '''MySEIR'''

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Create a SEIR model by extending SIR

This tutorial shows how to create a new SEIR Disease Model by extending the existing SIR Disease Model. STEM already has a built-in SEIR model, so this tutorial is more a simple how-to.

Create Model Project and Initial Disease Model

  1. Launch the STEM application
  2. Open the Designer perspective
  3. From the New menu, select Model Generator Project
    STEM ModelCreator NewModelGeneratorProject.png
  4. Choose Create and configure a new STEM Model Package
  5. Click Next
  6. On the Model Package page, enter the following values:
    • Package Name: Demo
    • Package Prefix: com.example.diseasemodels
  7. Click Add Model to add the disease model
  8. In the Model Properties page:
    • Model Name: MySEIR
    • Model Type: Disease Model
    • Parent Model: Select SIR from the list
    [ Model Properties image]
  9. Click Finish
  10. At this point, your package properties should look like this:
    package properties image
  11. Click Finish to run the Model Generator and create your model project
    This step may take 1-2 minutes to complete
  12. After the Model Generator finishes, the Visual Editor should automatically open
    Initial layout picture

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