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STEM Headless

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Headless STEM Command Line Options

stem -headless [-quiet] [-log [LOG_DIRECTORY]] [-uri URI1 [...]] [-project PROJECT_NAME [-scenario SCENARIO1.scenario [...]]]

Command Descriptions


Tells the STEM Launcher to use the headless mode, e.g. not to launch the GUI workbench.


Optional STEM headless will run in quiet mode. Nothing will be written to standard out (stdout). Errors and exceptions may still be sent to standard error (stderr).


Optional attachs a comma-separated value (CSV) logger to all simulations. Optional additional value LOG_DIRECTORY represents the path to the parent directory for logs. If LOG_DIRECTORY is not set, logs will go to the default log directory for the simulation (projectName/Recorded Simulations folder).

-uri URI1 [...]

Optional A list of one or more STEM resource URIs pointing to scenarios to launch and simulate.


Optional A single project name for which to launch and simulate scenarios. If no -scenario parameter is specified, all scenarios in the given project will be run.

-scenario SCENARIO1.scenario [...]

Optional, dependent on -project. A list of one or more scenario files contained in the given -project to launch and run. If no -scenario is defined, all scenarios in the given project will be run.

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