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STEM/Git Migration

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In April 2013, the STEM Project initiated its move from Subversion (SVN) to Git. This process is expected to take about a month and impacts all users of the STEM source code.

The Eclipse Foundation has encouraged projects to migrate from CVS and SVN, including shutting down the CVS servers late last year.

About Git

There are countless resources for learning about Git. Some useful ones:


Our migration is being tracked in Bugzilla under Bug 404584

Migration Timeline

  • March 21: Initial discussion on committer call re/ moving to Git (complete)
  • March 28: Further discussion on committer call re/ moving to Git. Committer motion to develop migration plan and initiate process passes. Most committers have experience with Git.
  • March 29: Request Git migration from Eclipse Webmaster
  • April 2: Public announcement with STEM 2.0 milestone 1
  • April: test runs of repository split and import, prepare infrastructure (build scripts, CI server, project sets, etc) and update documentation
  • (Tentative) April 30: Freeze SVN, execute import, roll out new Git repositories
  • (Tenative) May 1: Declare migration complete

Repository Layout

Due to the nature of DCVS like Git,

In July 2011, STEM did a logical refactor that changed the layout of our SVN repository from a flat to hierarchical structure reflecting components