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SMILA/Release Work Checklist

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How to create a SMILA release or milestone

This page describes what to do to make a SMILA release or milestone available for download.

Put builds on Eclipse download server

  • For milestones: cd /opt/public/rt/smila/milestones
  • For releases: cd /opt/public/rt/smila/releases
  • In the following "$VERSION" is the release number.
    • milestones: e.g. "0.9-M1".
    • releases: e.g. "0.9"
  • mkdir $VERSION
  • cp ../nightly/SMILA-*.zip $VERSION
  • rename the files by replacing the "r1234" part with $VERSION
  • For milestones: cp -R $VERSION /home/data/httpd/
  • For releases: cp -R $VERSION /home/data/httpd/
  • Send URLs for download to a project lead to put them on the web pages (:

Make javadocs available

  • cd /opt/public/rt/smila/javadoc
  • cp -R current $VERSION
  • cd $VERSION
  • zip -r ../SMILA-javadoc-$ *

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