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| [[User:T.menzel.brox.de|Thomas Menzel]] (individual): committer
| [[User:T.menzel.brox.de|Thomas Menzel]] (individual): committer
| [[User:Marco.strack.empolis.com|Marco Strack]] (Empolis Information Management GmbH): committer
| [[User:Peter.palmar.empolis.com|Peter Palmar]] (Empolis Information Management GmbH): committer
| [[User:eclipse.liefke.biz|Tobias Liefke]] (individual): committer
| [[User:eclipse.liefke.biz|Tobias Liefke]] (individual): committer

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Here you can find project relevant information for the Eclipse SMILA project.


[edit] Current Discussions

This area contains links to (open) discussions.


[edit] Release Management

The Release work checklist can be found here:

SMILA IP Log updates
SMILA Release Work Checklist

[edit] For committers and contributors

Committers and contributors can find here information about agreed development process.

Development Guidelines
Project Guidelines
Wiki Style guide
Legal documentation

[edit] Project team

Andreas Weber (Empolis Information Management GmbH): co-lead
Peter Wissel (brox IT-Solutions GmbH): co-lead
Jürgen Schumacher (Empolis Information Management GmbH): committer
Daniel Stucky (Empolis Information Management GmbH): committer
Andreas Schank (Empolis Information Management GmbH): committer
Thomas Menzel (individual): committer
Marco Strack (Empolis Information Management GmbH): committer
Peter Palmar (Empolis Information Management GmbH): committer
Tobias Liefke (individual): committer
Drazen Cindric (individual): committer


Igor Novakovic: co-lead
Sebastian Voigt: co-lead
Ralf Rausch: committer
Ralf Schumann: committer
Leo Sauermann: committer
Georg Schmidt (Schmidt Softwaretechnik GmbH): committer

[edit] Logos

Here you can find the current SMILA logos:


[edit] Conferences and Presentations

Conferences and presentations
SMILA Webinars
SMILA YouTube Channel

[edit] Projects powered by SMILA

Model-Driven Retrieval of Model Repositories
Searching eclipse.org with SMILA: An Eat-Your-Own-Dog-Food Experiment
ChemProspektor, see SMILA Conference 1.0

and even more - see the eclipse marketplace for details

[edit] Important links

SMILA homepage
SMILA newsgroup
SMILA mailing lists (smila-dev archive, smila-user archive)
Eclipse Bugzilla
http://dev.eclipse.org/svnroot/rt/org.eclipse.smila/ (Source code repository in SVN)

The mailinglists are indexed and searchable using markmail:
smila-dev index on markmail
smila-user index on markmail
smila overall index on markmail

[edit] Miscellaneous


[edit] Attic

In the SMILA attic you can find stuff that is outdated like components that are no longer part of SMILA as well as finished discussions etc.