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| [[|Thomas Menzel]] (individual): committer
| [[|Thomas Menzel]] (individual): committer
| [[|Marco Strack]] (Empolis Information Management GmbH): committer
| [[|Peter Palmar]] (Empolis Information Management GmbH): committer
| [[|Tobias Liefke]] (individual): committer
| [[|Tobias Liefke]] (individual): committer
Line 79: Line 83:
| [[SMILA/Webinar|SMILA Webinars]]
| [[SMILA/Webinar|SMILA Webinars]]
| [[SMILA/TechPreviewJan2012_ETL|Webcast on new Importing framework]]
| [ SMILA YouTube Channel]
| [ SMILA YouTube Channel]
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{| class="" border=0
{| class="" border=0
| [ CUbRIK: Open the search Box]
| [ CUbRIK]
| [ TechWatch]
| [ TechWatch]

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Here you can find project relevant information for the Eclipse SMILA project.

Current Discussions

This area contains links to (open) discussions.


Release Management

The Release work checklist can be found here:

SMILA IP Log updates
SMILA Release Work Checklist

For committers and contributors

Committers and contributors can find here information about agreed development process.

Development Guidelines
Project Guidelines
Wiki Style guide
Legal documentation

Project team

Andreas Weber (Empolis Information Management GmbH): co-lead
Peter Wissel (brox IT-Solutions GmbH): co-lead
Jürgen Schumacher (Empolis Information Management GmbH): committer
Daniel Stucky (Empolis Information Management GmbH): committer
Andreas Schank (Empolis Information Management GmbH): committer
Thomas Menzel (individual): committer
Marco Strack (Empolis Information Management GmbH): committer
Peter Palmar (Empolis Information Management GmbH): committer
Tobias Liefke (individual): committer
Drazen Cindric (individual): committer


Igor Novakovic: co-lead
Sebastian Voigt: co-lead
Ralf Rausch: committer
Ralf Schumann: committer
Leo Sauermann: committer
Georg Schmidt (Schmidt Softwaretechnik GmbH): committer


Here you can find the current SMILA logos:


Conferences and Presentations

Conferences and presentations
SMILA Webinars
SMILA YouTube Channel

Projects powered by SMILA

Model-Driven Retrieval of Model Repositories
Searching with SMILA: An Eat-Your-Own-Dog-Food Experiment
ChemProspektor, see SMILA Conference 1.0

and even more - see the eclipse marketplace for details

Important links

SMILA homepage
SMILA newsgroup
SMILA mailing lists (smila-dev archive, smila-user archive)
Eclipse Bugzilla (Source code repository in SVN)

The mailinglists are indexed and searchable using markmail:
smila-dev index on markmail
smila-user index on markmail
smila overall index on markmail




In the SMILA attic you can find stuff that is outdated like components that are no longer part of SMILA as well as finished discussions etc.


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