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SMILA/Project Concepts/Generic Management And Monitoring Concept


Now SMILA uses separate modules for Management and for Performance Counters but both uses JMX (jconsoe) as a default presentation layer.

During usage it was found that both modules have issues. This page is a concept about merging modules into one generic module and to avoid issues found.


Technical proposal

Performance Counters Module Architecture problems

See Performance Counters API

  • impossible to group counters into tree legally by API ( now its used "JMX specific names" hack to group them )
  • impossible to have a few counters on one JMX leaf

Management Module Architecture problems

This chart shows the Management architecture:

ManagementRegistry.png //TODO

  • its impossible to group agents into tree

Common problems

  • its impossible to mix performance counters and management agents methods in one JMX leaf

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