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Bundle: org.eclipse.smila.processing.pipelets.mimetype.SimpleMimeTypeIdentifierPipelet


This ProcessingService is used to identify the mimetype of a document. The service uses the file extension todo the MIME type detection. The identified MimeType is store in an attribute in the record.


Configuration File: configuration/org.eclipse.smila.processing.pipelets.aperture/ConverterConfig.xml

Property Type Description
MIME Type String Name of MIME type field. Literal will be created.
Extension String Name of extension field. Expected as literal.

Note that all properties are required and must be provided.


The following example is a snipplet from a BPEL pipeline.

  <proc:pipelet class="org.eclipse.smila.processing.pipelets.mimetype.SimpleMimeTypeIdentifierPipelet" />
  <proc:variables input="request" />
    <proc:Property name="MIME Type">
      <proc:Value>MIME Type</proc:Value>
    <proc:Property name="Extension">

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