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SMILA/Documentation/SNAPSHOT versions - which and why

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Please list here third party libraries which we currently use in SNAPSHOT versions in SMILA. Add reasons why we can currently not use a released version of this library and other information that may be helpful in getting this library through the Eclipse IP process.

Where possible add deep links to forum threads and post etc. or any other publicly available reference to support your claim.

Apache ODE

  • Bundle: org.apache.ode
  • Component Owner: Jürgen Schumacher
  • Used version: Trunk Snapshot of 2008-07-02 (rev 673252)
  • Latest release: 1.2
  • Licenses:
    • ODE itself has Apache Software License 2.0.
    • Some contained third party libs use different licenses: CPL, CDDL, BSD-style licsenses. See about files of bundle for details.
  • Features missing in release:
    • Support for BPEL Extension Activities is only available in snapshot. We need this to invoke SMILA pipelets and services from BPEL.
  • Release that will contain missing features
    • According to ODE user mailing list: probably 1.3.
    • Release date is not yet fixed, but should be not too long - from a in user mailing list on 2008-05-29: "I think about 2 months is a reasonable timeframe."