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SMILA/Documentation/Record Filter

bundle: class: used in: org.eclipse.eilf.blackboard

What is Record Filter

Record may contains many attributes and annotations that really does not required for. For increase productivity, decrease information sent (by SCA), stored in JMS queue etc, its possible to create a copy of Record with only attributes/annotations passed through some filter and to work with this small copy of Record. Record Filter is a helper class that implements this filtering.

Now Record Filter is a part of Blackboard functionality. Its possible to get filtered Record from Blackboard.


By default, Blackboard uses record filter configuration file RecordFilters.xml

Schema: RecordFilters.xsd (see in schemas/ directory of bundle)

There are series of filters (tag Filter) Record filter will search first appropriate Filter by name specified. If there is no filter found, RecordFilterNotFoundException will be thrown. Attribute/Annotation will be copied if correspondent, by name, Attribute/Annotation tag will be found in Filter. Attribute "keepAnnotations" is a flag to copy internal attribute annotations.


  <Filter name="only-attributes">
    <Attribute name="*"/>
  <Filter name="no-filter">
    <Attribute name="*" keepAnnotations="true"/>
    <Annotation name="*"/>
  <Filter name="nothing"/>
  <Filter name="only-attribute1">
    <Attribute name="attribute1"/>
  <Filter name="filter-single-and-datetime">
    <Attribute name="single value"/>
    <Attribute name="datetime value"/>

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