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SMILA/Documentation/REST API Reference

This page is intended to serve as a cross reference to the SMILA manual based on the SMILA ReST API. It lists all URLs of the ReST API and links them to the manual page that describes it.

  • /smila/: Entry page: overview on system state and links to the other APIs
    • pipelets/
    • pipelines/
    • jobmanager/
      • dataobjecttypes/: show available DOTs
      • buckets/: list and modify buckets
      • workers/
      • workflows/
      • jobs/
        • <jobName>/<jobRunId>/finish/
        • <jobName>/<jobRunId>/cancel/
    • job/
      • <jobName>/record/
      • <jobName>/bulk/
    • tasks/
    • importing/
      • delta/
      • visitedlinks/
    • store/
    • debug/
  • /taskmanager/
  • /zookeeper/

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