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What is Router

The main goal of Router is to put Record into JMS queue but it also make any Queue Worker specific tasks like executing BPEL piplene.


public enum Operation { 
public interface Router extends QueueWorker {
  void route(Record record, Operation operation) throws RouterException;


Schema: "org.eclipse.smila.connectivity.queue.worker/schemas/QueueWorkerConfig.xsd" Location: "configuration/org.eclipse.smila.connectivity.queue.worker/RouterConfig.xml"

Configuration is a list of routing rules.

Configuration Sample

<RouterConfig xmlns=""
  <Rule Name="Default ADD Rule">
      <Synchronize Filter="only-attributes"/>
      <Send BrokerId="broker1" Queue="EILF.connectivity"/>
  <Rule Name="Default DELETE Rule">
      <Synchronize Filter="no-filter"/>
      <Send BrokerId="broker1" Queue="EILF.connectivity">
        <SetProperty Name="doSomething">really do something</SetProperty>


Processing Rule is found by value of Condition tag. Condition is a String whose syntax is based on a subset of the SQL92 conditional expression syntax pointed in JMS specification. [| spec]

For Router it operates with two properties

  • Operation
  • DataSourceID


 <Synchronize Filter="no-filter"/>

Executes synchronization of Record with Blackboard service. Optional Filter attribute point that Record should be filtered before next step.

  <Process Workflow="AddPipeline"/>

Executes BPEL Pipeline.

 <Send BrokerId="broker1" Queue="EILF.connectivity">
   <SetProperty Name="doSomething">really do something</SetProperty>

Send Record to JMS queue. Broker connection with correspondent BrokerID should be specified in Broker Connection Service configuration. "SetProperty" tag used for setting additional properties to JMS Message used for storing Record in queue. It may be useful for next processing by Listener service for selection "Rule" with Condition tag.

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