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Worker description

  • Name: updatePusher
  • Parameters:
    • jobToPushTo: The job to push the crawled records to. If set, A job with this worker will not be started, if the jobToPushTo is not running.
    • remote: A description of a SMILA REST API to push the records to. This parameter must hold a map that contains:
      • endpoints: A list of strings with the hosts and ports of the SMILA servers to push to.
      • urlPath: The REST API to talk to, usually this will be something like /smila/job/indexUpdate/record, i.e. the BulkBuilder REST API. But it's possible send added and updated records to every REST API that accepts POST requests with a JSON record in request body. Deleted records are sent as DELETE requests to <urlPath>?_recordid=<recordid>, so to be able to do delta importing including deletes, the target resource must acceppt such requests, too. The BulkBuilder REST API is currently the only API that accepts such requests.
You need to specify either the jobToPushTo parameter or the remote section or the job definition will be rejected. For example, these two fragments would be ok for a valid job definition:
  "parameters": {
    "jobToPushTo": "indexUpdate",


  "parameters": {
    "remote": {
      "endpoints": [ "smila-host-1:8080", "smila-host-2:8080" ],
      "urlPath": "smila/job/indexUpdate/record"

    • deltaImportStrategy: Configure usage of the DeltaService by this worker. There are four possible values, two of them have the same effect on this worker (see DeltaDelete for an overview):
      • none: do not record delta information, do not perform delta-delete in the completion phase of the job.
      • initial or additive: record delta information, but do not perform delta-delete in the completion phase of the job.
      • full: default mode, record delta information and perform delta-delete in the completion phase of the job.
  • Input Slots:
    • recordToPush: a bucket of type recordBulks containing the records produced by the crawl workflow.
  • Output Slots:
    • pushedRecords: (optional) the records that could be successfully submitted to the destination job. Usually not set, but may be used to trigger further actions on submitted records.

The UpdatePusher takes each record from the input, sends it to a bulkbuilder service. If an output bucket is connected the record is written to it. If the record contains a _deltaHash attribute value, the worker checks with DeltaService if the record has not been pushed yet to prevent duplicates, and marks it updated afterwards (if enabled, see above). If the _deltaHash attribute is empty, the record is pushed always and not marked as updated in DeltaService.

Exception handling of bulkbuilder errors:

  • If an InvalidRecordException is thrown by Bulkbuilder it is logged and the record is skipped (and is also not added to the output bulk, if set).
  • Other BulkbuilderExceptions are not catched. If they are marked as recoverable they should lead to an retry of the task, else the task will fail fatal.

If enabled (parameter deltaImportStrategy="full" or not set), the worker scans the DeltaService in the completion phase of the job run for records that must be sent to the BulkBuilder as "deleted records" and removes these entries from the DeltaServer afterwards. See DeltaDelete for details.