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SMILA/Documentation/HowTo/How to integrate new bundle into build process

The following steps have to be done to integrate a new bundle (plug-in) in the SMILA build process:

1. Include new plug-in into org.eclipse.smila.feature


For further information see: Howto build a SMILA Distribution

Useful Information

From today (build process depends on make.xml) you don´t have to modify the build file (make.xml) anymore. The make.xml file includes all bundles,those are located under the local trunk folder. If you don´t want to include your new bundle into the build process, the bundle has to excluded explicit in the make.xml.

For further information see: Introduction to make.xml.

2. Optionally: Generate Source Bundle

The build process can also generate an additional source bundle for a new bundle so that debugging is easier when SMILA is used as a target platform (see How to set up the integration environment). This needs some manual modification of the files of the feature that includes the bundle:

  • In org.eclipse.smila.feature/build.properties add a line like this using the bundle name of your new bundle:
generate.plugin@org.eclipse.smila.sample.pipelet.source = org.eclipse.smila.sample.pipelet
  • In org.eclipse.smila.feature/feature.xml add an entry like this to include the source bundle in the feature:
Ignore the warning that the bundle cannot be resolved. It is generated automatically at build time.
  • In your bundle be sure to add at least the META-INF directory, the about files and the build.properties to the build configuration of the source build. Add additional files (schemas, sample configs, etc) as appropriate. Do NOT add the code/src or other source directories, this is done automatically by the build process: