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== Bundle: <tt>org.eclipse.eilf.processing.pipelets.aperture.AperturePipelet</tt> ==
== Bundle: <tt>org.eclipse.eilf.processing.pipelets.aperture.AperturePipelet</tt> ==
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[[Category:SMILA]] [[Category:SMILA/Processing Service]]

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Bundle: org.eclipse.eilf.processing.pipelets.aperture.AperturePipelet


This Pipelet converts various document formats (like PDF,XLS, etc.) to plain text using [Aperture|Glossary#Aperture] technology. It converts the document's content in AttachmentContent and stores the plain text result in AttachmentText. The optional MimeType of AttachmentContent in AttachmentMimeType is used for conversion. If no MimeType is provided a MimeType identification is done inside the Pipelet using a MimeTypeIdentifier service.


Configuration File: configuration/org.eclipse.eilf.processing.pipelets.aperture/ConverterConfig.xml

Property Type Description
AttachmentContent String name of the attachment containing the original document content
AttachmentText String name of the attachment to store the converted text in
AttachmentMimeType String name of the attribute containing the MimeType of the original document content

Note that all properties are required and must be provided.


The following example was used in the SMILA example application to convert documents delivered by Filesystem- and WebCrawler to plain text.


<PipeletConfiguration xmlns="http://www.eclipse.org/eilf/processor">
  <Property name="AttachmentContent">
  <Property name="AttachmentText">
  <Property name="AttachmentMimeType">