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=== Test ===
=== Overview of ant build targets ===
<table width="100%" style="background-color:#ffcccc">
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'''Build process graph'''
'''Build process graph'''
=== make.xml ===
=== make.xml ===

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Overview of ant build targets


Build process graph


name description dependencies
all executes all dependencies, default build target clean, fetch, build, test, final-application
clean /
fetch copies all features and plugins to the build directory bundle.names.init
bundle.names.init white space delimited list of bundle names (i.e. their dir name) /
build executes all dependencies fetch, build.core
build.core builds the application (CI.EILF not final-application) /
test executes all dependencies build, test.clean, emma.init, test.core, report
test.clean deletes the eclipse-test dir under the build directory ( /
emma.init initialises emma /
test.core executes all dependencies and starts all junit tests bundle.names.init
report executes all dependencies, checkstyle, report.emma, pmd collects unit test results /
checkstyle runs all checkstyle checks /
report.emma creates emma report /
pmd scans Java source code and looks for potential problems /
final-application builds the final application build
test.clean2default deletes workspace and configuration folder under eclipse-test and copies default into configuration folder under eclipse-test /
name description
feature-names list of all features
name description
patterns.bundle.all list of all plugins
patterns.bundle.excludes list of all exluded plugins
name description
bundle.dirs.all list of all plugins (patterns.bundle.all - patterns.bundle.excludes)
bundle.dirs.all.test list of all test bundles

name description
M_test.bundle.eilf executes all tests
M_dirset2list converts a dirset of plugins to a name list

Tips and Tricks

Our make.xml includes all packages those start with the following patterns: com, javax, net, oracle, org.

<patternset id='patterns.bundle.all'>
  <include name="com.*" />
  <include name="javax.*" />
  <include name="net.*" />
  <include name="oracle.*" />
  <include name="org.*" />

Exclude bundles from build

To exlude a bundle (core or test) from build you have to include your bundle in the patterns.bundle.excludes-section.

<!-- the follwoing projects are excluded from build -->
<patternset id='patterns.bundle.excludes'>
  <exclude name="org.eclipse.eilf.sample.bundle" />

Don´t execute a test

To don´t execute a test you have to include your test bundle in the bundle.dirs.all.test-section.

<restrict id="bundle.dirs.all.test">
  <dirset refid="bundle.dirs.all" />
  <rsel:name name="*.test" />
      <rsel:name name="org.eclipse.eilf.sample.bundle.test" />

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