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This page describes how to edit SMILA pipelines in the BPEL Designer.


The BPEL Designer is an eclipse project that offers support for editing WS-BPEL 2.0 processes. Like other eclipse projects it may be extended using plugins. The SMILA project offers such plugins for editing SMILA specific activities (to invoke SMILA "pipelets" from a pipeline).


BPEL Designer

How to install the BPEL Designer:

  1. Download the Eclipse Platform Runtime Binary (at least version 3.6.2) from here.
  2. Unzip the package into an directory of your choice.
  3. Start eclipse.exe
  4. Create a workspace.
  5. Open the eclipse menu: Help -> Install New Software...
  6. Enter the update site of the BPEL Designer:
  7. Select the package and click [Finish]

SMILA designer plugins

You can either build the latest version of our plugins from repository (see below) or just use our update site:
The installation is the same as for the BPEL Designer above.

Now you can edit SMILA pipelines with the BPEL Designer. If you'd like to start with some example BPEL files, you could use the ones from the SMILA application configuration


If you'd like to modify the SMILA designer plugins or compile the latest version from repository, you can do that:

  1. Setup your RCP IDE (you could use this package)
  2. Install the BPEL Designer as described above (without our plugins)
  3. Select that installation as target platform (Window->Preferences->Plug-in Development->Target Platform)
  4. Checkout the SMILA designer plugins (

Don't forget to inform us, if you have a really cool modification that you would like to share ;-)

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