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SMILA/5 Minutes Tutorial

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1. Download and unpack EILF application.


2. Start EILF engine.

To start EILF engine open terminal, navigate to directory that contains extracted files and run EILF executable. Wait until the engine is fully started. You should see output similar to the screenshot below


3.Log file.

You can check what's happening from the log file. Log file is placed into the same directory as EILF executable and is named EILF.log


4.Managing crawling jobs.

Now when EILF engine is up and running we can start and manage crawling jobs. Crawling jobs are managed over JMX protocol, that means that we need to connect to EILF with some JMX client. Let's use JConsole that is available with Sun Java distribution.


Next, open MBeans tab, expand the EILF node in the MBeans tree to the left and click on org.eclipse.eilf.connectivity.framework.CrawlerController node. It's the point from where all crawling activities are managed and monitored. You can see some crawling attributes at the right pane.


5.Starting filesystem crawler.

To start a crawler, open Operations tab at the right pane, type 'file' in the inputbox next to the startCrawl button and press the startCrawl button.


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