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SID Import Mappings

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Usage Instructions

To create a deployable plugin:

Check out the source from the eclipse CVS tree into your eclipse.

Make any changes required.

Open the plugin.xml file by double clicking.

Update the version number if necessary.Note that it is important to maintain a sensible progression in the version number of the plugin otherwise eclipse may not pick up the latest version.

On the "Overview" tab, locate the "Exporting" seection at lower right. Click on Item 4 - "Export Wizard".

Make sure that the SID Mapping plugin is selected, and select a target destination of your choice, then click on "Finish".

This will create an eclipse plugin in the target location.

To deploy your plugin :

To use this plugin, copy in to the "plugins" directory of your eclipse install, and restart eclipse.

Once copied in this manner, you no longer need the source unless you wish to update it.

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