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Select components to be create out of existing implementations ...
Select components to be created out of existing implementations ...

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The SCA Composite editor is a graphical tool for constructing SCA composites. The tool will provide both bottom-up and top-down methods for constructing standard SCA 1.0 composites.

Proposed Contributors

  • SAP
  • Obeo

Proposed Committers

  • Etienne Juliot (Obeo)
  • Stéphane Drapeau (Obeo)
  • Bogdan Vatkov (SAP)

Proposed Obeo Contribution

  • screenshot...
  • description of capabilities...


Proposed SAP Contribution

Create composite ...

01 create.jpg

Pick up a name for the SCDL file ...

02 create.jpg

Newly created composite ...

03 newComposite.jpg

Introspect components from the workspace ...

04 IntrospectComponents.jpg

Select components to be created out of existing implementations ...

05 IntrospectComponents.jpg

Components created ...

06 importedComponents.jpg

Promote component service ...

07 promoteComponentService.JPG

Promoted component service and component reference ...

08 promotedComponentServiceAndReference.JPG

Navigate to the implementation ...

09 NavigateToImp.JPG

The EJB implementation ...

10 EjbImpl.JPG

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