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== How to build SCA Tools with PDE? ==
== How to build SCA Tools with PDE? ==
* Open the file site.xml (from the directory <b>trunk/update-site</b>).
* Click '''File &gt; New &gt; Others...''' and then select '''Plugin Development &gt; Update Site'''
* Follow this creation wizard. It will result in a new file called '''site.xml''' (you can save it in the directory <b>trunk/update-site</b>). Open this file.
* Select the tab '''Site Map'''.
* Select the tab '''Site Map'''.
* Click '''Build All'''.
* Click '''Build All'''.

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This page explains how to build and install the SCA Tools project from the sources.

If you have the required credentials on build.eclipse.org, another way to build the SCA Tools project is to log in on the Eclipse Hudson server, and click 'Build Now' on the left hand side.

How to get the latest SCA Tools code?

  • org.eclipse.stp.sca.osoa
  • org.eclipse.soa.sca.core.common
  • org.eclipse.soa.sca.core.doc
  • org.eclipse.soa.sca.core.model
  • org.eclipse.soa.sca.core.model.edit
  • org.eclipse.soa.sca.sca1_0.model
  • org.eclipse.soa.sca.sca1_0.model.edit
  • org.eclipse.soa.sca.sca1_0.diagram
  • org.eclipse.soa.sca.sca1_0.common
  • org.eclipse.soa.sca.sca1_0.runtime.frascati.model
  • org.eclipse.soa.sca.sca1_0.runtime.frascati.model.edit
  • org.eclipse.soa.sca.sca1_0.runtime.tuscany.model
  • org.eclipse.soa.sca.sca1_0.runtime.tuscany.model.edit
  • org.eclipse.soa.sca.sca1_1.model
  • org.eclipse.soa.sca.sca1_1.model.edit
  • org.eclipse.soa.sca.sca1_1.common
  • org.eclipse.soa.sca.sca1_1.runtime.fabric3.model
  • org.eclipse.soa.sca.sca1_1.runtime.fabric3.model.edit
  • org.eclipse.soa.sca.sca1_1.runtime.tuscany.model
  • org.eclipse.soa.sca.sca1_1.runtime.tuscany.model.edit
  • org.eclipse.soa.sca.core.feature
  • org.eclipse.soa.sca.sca1_0.feature
  • org.eclipse.soa.sca.sca1_1.feature

You will also need the directories trunk/update-site and trunk/parent.
Also, make sure to get the pom.xml that is at the root of the trunk directory.
The file hierarchy that is in the trunk should be preserved if you want to build SCA Tools with Tycho (Tycho is a Maven extension - plug-in - to build OSGi bundles with Apache Maven). In fact, in this last case, the best is to checkout the entire trunk directory.

How to build SCA Tools with PDE?

  • Click File > New > Others... and then select Plugin Development > Update Site
  • Follow this creation wizard. It will result in a new file called site.xml (you can save it in the directory trunk/update-site). Open this file.
  • Select the tab Site Map.
  • Click Build All.

How to build SCA Tools with Tycho?

  • Install Maven 3 on your machine.
  • Open a command line shell and go into the trunk directory.
  • Type in mvn clean install to build it all.

If you want to skip tests, type in mvn -Dskip-ui-tests=true clean install.
If you want to build SCA Tools for a specific platform (e.g. Indigo), as specified in trunk/parent/pom.xml, type in mvn -Dplatform-version-name=indigo clean install.

How to install SCA Tools?

  • Go to the Help menu > Software Updates.
  • Select the tab Available Software.
  • Click on the Add Site... button.
  • Click on Local... button.
  • Select the file site.xml.
  • Click on Ok button.
  • Click on Ok button.
  • Select your local update site > SOA Development > SCA Composite Tools Feature.
  • Click on the Install button in the upper right corner to start the installation.