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June 2008, release V1.0 in Ganymede:

  • SCA Common: SCA nature, wizard for the creation of new SCA assembly files, preference pages, basic samples. Done
  • SCA Meta Model: SCA specifications 1.0 from OSOA + additional validation rules which apply on the SCA assembly description files. Done
  • SCA Composite Designer: support of Tuscany SCA elements. Done
  • Update of the web site and the wiki. Done
  • Tutorial that explain how to use SCA tools. Done

December 2008:

  • Possibility to extend the SCA metamodel with new bindings, implementations and interfaces. Done
  • Possibility to extend the SCA Designer. Done
  • SCA Commons: complex samples. Delayed
  • SCA Meta Model: full support of the additional validation rules. Delayed
  • SCA Composite Designer: support of Frascati SCA elements. Done
  • SCA Composite XML Editor: completion on service, reference, and enhanced outline. Done
  • Support Babel project for translating. Done
  • Support of Tuscany 1.4. Done

April 2009:

  • SCA Composite Form editor. In progress
  • SCA Introspector: support of POJO. Done
  • SCA Run/Debug: Apache Tuscany (Java) support. Done
  • SCA Run/Debug: OW2 FraSCAti support. Done