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The following is a list of the components and the plug-ins currently available.

SCA Core

Plug-in Name Description
org.eclipse.stp.sca.common SCA perspective, SCA nature, Creation wizard, builder, preference page...
org.eclipse.stp.sca.doc Documentation.
features Contains the feature.xml file for deployment in the Eclipse platform.
build Contains the files needed for the build.
babel Contains the file needed for Babel that points to the source of each plugin.

SCA Domain Model

Plug-in Name Description
org.eclipse.stp.sca Generated by EMF. Contains the SCA metamodel (ecore + java code).
org.eclipse.stp.sca.edit Generated by EMF. Contains generic reusable classes for building editors.
org.eclipse.stp.sca.validation Additional validation rules.

SCA Editors

Plug-in Name Description
org.eclipse.stp.sca.editor Generated by EMF. Tree editor to create an SCA assembly file.
org.eclipse.stp.sca.xmleditor XML editor to create an SCA assembly file or an SCA ComponentType.

SCA Composite Designer

Plug-in Name Description
org.eclipse.stp.sca.diagram Generated by GMF. GMF modeler to construct SCA assembly files.

SCA Samples

Plug-in Name Description
org.eclipse.stp.sca.examples .
org.eclipse.stp.sca.samples.restaurant_all .
org.eclipse.stp.sca.samples.src.restaurant .
org.eclipse.stp.sca.samples.src.restaurant-implemcomposite .
org.eclipse.stp.sca.samples.src.restaurant-rmi-reference .
org.eclipse.stp.sca.samples.src.restaurant-rmi-service .
org.eclipse.stp.sca.samples.src.restaurant-script .