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SBVR Tools Metamodel

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This page summarizes modifications to the SBVR 1.0 CMOF metamodel that result in a more usable EMF-based implementation and API for tool development. An alternative EMF resource handler will be provided that loads and saves XMI files (with '.xmi' extension) compliant with the SBVR 1.0 specification. The modified metamodel will load and save files using the '.sbvr' file extension.

  • The SBVR CMOF model as published with the OMG specification
  • The revised model is available as SBVR.uml in CVS org.eclpse.sbvr/models

Class diagrams created from the original SBVR 1.0 metamodel specification:

General observations about the SBVR CMOF model from the specification:

  • SBVR is defined in terms of SBVR language
    • the CMOF metamodel is generated from the SBVR language
    • the CMOF model in the specification was not created or edited using a UML modeling tool
  • There is no use of composite aggregation anywhere in the model
  • All associations own both property ends and none are navigable from the end classes.

The result of this design approach is that there are several challenges in producing a usable EMF-based implementation and a 'good' developer API.


In general, no associations or attributes are removed from the original metamodel. Additional composite properties are added to create a hierarchical ownership structure that enables EMF commands and validation based on containment. Operations are added that derive values, support validation, and improve developer APIs.

representation and designation

representation and designation

terminological dictionary

terminological dictionary

Unresolved Issues

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