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SBVR Exchange Metamodel

This page summarizes issues that were encountered in the SBVR 1.0 metamodel CMOF definition and how they are resolved in this EMF-based implementation.

  • The SBVR CMOF model as published with the OMG specification
  • The revised model is available as SBVR.uml in CVS org.eclpse.sbvr/models


Issue 1: designation::signifier

Class diagram created from the original SBVR 1.0 metamodel specification:

representation::expression has multiplicity [1..1] and is thus required in all specializations. The SBVR 1.0 specification indicates that designation::signifier {subsets expression}, but this is not included in the CMOF model.

The specification also shows that designation::signifier has multiplicity [1..1], but it is [0..*] in the CMOF model. This expanded multiplicity is also incompatible with use of {subsets}.

Issue 2:

Issue 3:


Track the resolution by OMG SBVR revision task force committee.