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SBVR-MRV Diagrams

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>> SBVR Tools Metamodel

SBVR Meaning and Representation Vocabulary (MRV)

Top-Level Container

Every concept defined in the SBVR specification is a specialization of Thing. But there is no container that can hold any kind of Thing. A Package metaclass was added for this purpose. We also allow nested Packages to enable modelers to organize vocabulary and rule modules. All of these packages and nested packages are removed when a model is saved to the SBVR exchange document XMI format, where all model elements are owned directly by the EMF Resource container. When an SBVR exchange document file is imported to the tools metamodel, a Package is created to contain the contents of each XMI file.

SBVR-MRV Package.png


SBVR-MRV Meanings.png

About Concepts

SBVR-MRV AboutConcepts.png


SBVR-MRV Representations.png

Fact Type Forms

SBVR-MRV FactTypeForms.png


SBVR-MRV Namespaces.png

Reference Schemes

SBVR-MRV ReferenceSchemes.png

Conceptual Schemas and Models

File:SBVR-MRV Models.png

Elementary Concepts

SBVR-MRV ElementaryConcepts.png

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