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=== Planned features ===
=== Planned features ===
* Finish Template compiler (Arno)
* Bug fixes
* Move Workflow code to Eclipse MWE (Model Workflow Engine) and include it (Bernd)
* Provide oAW distributions (one-click download)
* Provide oAW distributions (one-click download)
* Improve test coverage
* Improve test coverage

Revision as of 09:17, 16 November 2007

openArchitectureWare 4.2.1 Roadmap

Feature freeze: Suggestion: Nov, 16th 2007

Release date: Suggestion: Dec, 15th 2007

Theme for this release: Bug fixing, Documentation This will be maintainance release, stabilizing all new features (Debugger, PLE, ...) and document them. Also improve our new comprehensive documentation. Harmonize tutorials.

Planned features

  • Bug fixes
  • Provide oAW distributions (one-click download)
  • Improve test coverage

Features already implemented

Bugs to be fixed

Bugs already fixed

Bugs that could not be reproduced

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