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Revision as of 11:18, 4 June 2007

openArchitectureWare 4.1.3 Roadmap

Release date: tbd (probably mid-june 2007)

Theme for this release: Bug fixing and some minor features

Planned features

  • Convert documentation to DocBook, provide Eclipse Help and PDF [Peter]
  • Welcome page [Peter]
  • Cheat sheets [Peter]
  • Refactoring for templates [Peter]
  • Hyperlink / F3 navigation in editors [Sven, Peter]
  • Hyperlink navigation in console output [Sven]
  • AOP for Templates and Extensions [Sven, Markus]
  • Model Weaver [Markus]
  • Debugger [Clemens, Bernd]

Bugs to be fixed

Bugs already fixed

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