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Ripplor Repository List

Revision as of 06:17, 13 May 2010 by (Talk | contribs) (Repository list in ripplor.rb)

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This is an extract from the Ripplor.rb script. Here is where the repository chain is defined for rippling, and where the basic parameters of each repository are specified.

# from Repository.rb:
# def initialize(repo_root, name, path, variable, targets = 'clean clean-integration test publish', master_branch = 'master')
ALL_REPOS = [, 'osgi-test-stubs',     paths['osgi-test-stubs'],     'org.eclipse.virgo.teststubs'),, 'osgi-extensions',     paths['osgi-extensions'],     'org.eclipse.virgo.osgi'),, 'util',                paths['util'],                'org.eclipse.virgo.util'),, 'test',                paths['test'],                'org.eclipse.virgo.test'),, 'medic',               paths['medic'],               'org.eclipse.virgo.medic'),, 'artifact-repository', paths['artifact-repository'], 'org.eclipse.virgo.repository'),, 'kernel',              paths['kernel'],              'org.eclipse.virgo.kernel',         'test package publish'),,   'web',                 paths['web'],                 'org.eclipse.virgo.web'),,   'apps',                paths['apps'],                'org.eclipse.virgo.apps'),, 'documentation',       paths['documentation'],       'org.eclipse.virgo.documentation',  'clean clean-integration doc publish'),,   'web-server',          paths['web-server'],          nil,                                'clean clean-integration test package smoke-test publish')

The # def comment is designed to hint at the parameters on the elements that follow.

The interesting cases are kernel, documentation and web-server where the targets are adjusted.

See the source text for how the variables local_repo_root and eclipse_repo_root are defined.

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