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Riena Migrating to 2.0 from 1.2

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Explains how to migrate to Riena 2.0 from 1.2.

While every effort was made to avoid breakage, there are a few areas of incompatibility or new APIs that should be adopted by clients. This page describes those areas and provides migration instructions.


ITextRidget - Removed getAlignment() and setAlignment(int) methods

SWT does not support changing the alignment after creating a Text widget. In 1.2 all occurrences of these methods have intentionally thrown an UnsupportedOperationException. These methods have been removed in 2.0.

SimpleNavigationNodeProvider - register methods removed

The following methods are removed:

  • register(ISubApplicationNodeExtension, INavigationAssembler assembler)
  • register(IModuleGroupNodeExtension, INavigationAssembler assembler)
  • register(IModuleNodeExtension, INavigationAssembler assembler)
  • register(ISubModuleNodeExtension, INavigationAssembler assembler)

In the old implementation of SimpleNavigationNodeProvider these methods do nothing.

Adopting 2.0 mechanisms and API


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